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VA Loan Rate Quote

Are you a veteran or an active duty member of the U.S. military?

First, HPI Financial would like to express our gratitude for contributing so much to our country’s safety and security. For many of you, owning a home or purchasing a new house in Redwood city is high on your list of goals. If you seek a VA loan in Redwood City to help you fulfill these goals, HPI is ready to assist you. Don’t worry about qualifying. Most veterans qualify for financing based on their years of service.

You’ll Save Money with a Redwood City VA Loan

  • Low Rates
  • Most Available with $0 Down
  • Lower Fees
  • No PMI

Getting a VA loan in Redwood city offers applicants a variety of benefits.

First, most VA loans offer a comparatively lower interest rate. This favorable rate is matched by lower fees than those associated with other loan types. Over the years, the cost savings derived from these generous terms will be substantial.

That, of course, means more money in your pocket.

Furthermore, you’ll likely never face the impact of upfront costs. Most VA loans are obtainable with $0 down. Unlike conventional loans, they also don’t require the payment of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). Designed to protect lenders, this insurance payment is mandatory unless a minimum down payment is provided.

Bear in mind, paying nothing or very little up front in no way impacts your other cost savings. With a VA loan in Redwood City, you can get Low rates, Low fees, a $0 down option, and no PMI in one convenient package.

When it comes to generous terms, flexibility, and convenience, a VA loan is unique. Other types of loans simply don’t offer the same advantages. Considering the cost of real estate in California, this undoubtedly is great news to veterans hoping to buy a home in this state. Anything that minimizes expenses is welcome indeed. A VA loan certainly will help you do that – and achieve your ownership dreams.

Are you interested in learning more about getting a VA loan in Redwood City?

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