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FHA Loan Rate Quote

HPI Finance can help you reach home ownership goals with a variety of excellent loan programs. One of the most popular options we offer is an FHA loan. An FHA loan in Redwood City not only provides the financial resources you need; it does so with an attractively-low down payment requirement. For borrowers hoping to minimize their up-front costs, this type of loan often proves the ideal solution.

What is an FHA Loan?

An FHA loan is a form of home financing backed by The Federal Housing Administration (FHA). In effect, this governmental department is providing loan insurance to FHA-approved lenders, like HPI Finance. Essentially, the coverage protects lenders against mortgage defaults. Qualifying properties for this insurance program include single-family residences and multifamily residences.

Although the FHA provides substantial coverage to lenders, its service comes at no cost to taxpayers. All funding for the insurance is provided by income the agency generates on its own.

Benefits of FHA Loan

  • Low Down Payments
  • Government Guarantee
  • Possible Resource for Borrowers with Credit Challenges

Who Can Benefit from a Redwood City FHA Loan?

Virtually everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer or a many-time buyer. An FHA loan in Redwood City can help you achieve your home ownership goals. And it will do so with a minimal down payment requirement.

Introduced in 1934 to assist with a troubled, depression-era housing market, FHA loans have a long and illustrious history. You may be among the many who qualify for this historically-proven solution. Why wait to capitalize on this golden opportunity? With the assistance of the FHA specialists at HPI Financial, you can get the loan you need quickly and simply. Put our expertise to work for you now. And get the beautiful home you’ve always wanted – without the burden of a large down payment.

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