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If there’s one thing that defines the mortgage down payment options at HPI Financial, it’s flexibility. Essentially, we know that every borrower faces different circumstances and must satisfy varying needs. No one person or situation is the same. So why should loan options be set in stone? Instead of forced conformity to a standardized program, we foster flexibility across the board. It’s our mission to go with the flow and bend as far as possible to accommodate borrowers. Consider it personalized service taken to the limit.

So, what are some of the mortgage down payment options at HPI Financial? On the upper end of the spectrum is the large down payment. Typically, this is an upfront payment of 20% or more. The advantage of this sizeable outlay is, of course, instant equity and lower monthly mortgage payments than you’d make with a lower outlay of cash.

On the other end of the spectrum are low or no down payment loans. Depending on an applicant’s circumstances, this type of mortgage can provide numerous advantages.

The type of loans that fall into this category include:

  • FHA (3.5% down payment)
  • VA (0 down)
  • Conventional (3% down offered by Fannie Mae)
  • USDA (0 down/applicable to rural areas)

Between these two poles lies a variety of mortgage down payment options. Identifying the option best suited to an applicant requires careful consideration of various factors. Among these factors are:

  • Amount Financed
  • Term of Loan
  • Credit History
  • Home Price

How Can HPI Financial Help?

When applying for a loan with HPI Financial, we consider and evaluate all these factors to determine the best possible down payment options. What’s important is the thoroughness with which we carry out this task. We know that a home purchase is one of your most important decisions. Therefore, we take the time to look closely at each applicant and situation. We sift through every fact and cover every detail. Invariably, this in-depth approach results in the best possible mortgage down payment options for all our loan applicants.

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